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As experts in Customs matters with in-depth knowledge of Customs and Excise legislation, Y2K Customs Consultants offers the full spectrum of Customs Clearing Services to its clients; this including Duty paid; Warehousing for Duty unpaid, Industrial and General Rebate; we also process all types of export entries through customs. We are fully computerized and this allows us to Customs Clearing Cargo speedily and via EDI link with SARS – Customs. All our declarations are quality controlled by our Tariff team prior to submission. Note that we are aware and we do understand the gravity of “Transit time for Clearance”, and hence we put our best effort to clear any given shipment at the earliest possible time.


Seafreight is normally a very cost effective mode of getting your goods from A – B. However is generally slower than shipment by Air or Road. Y2K Customs provide its clients for this regard the option of FCL, FCL-G, Reefer loads, break-bulk and bulk services. Our global network is able to offer a diversity of services. Rate negotiations with the shipping lines, for example, are based on large volumes and the benefits thereof are passed on to our clients.


With a very good understanding of African market, Y2K Customs Consultants provides long distance, cross-border transport services throughout the SADC region in a highly competitive rate. Generally, break bulk item including food stuff, consumables and mining equipment are imported into the SADC region through South Africa, whilst agricultural produce and mining products from the region are exported through South Africa. Y2K provides for this regards additional services including Customs Clearing, transit bonds (Removal In Transit (RIT), warehousing and insurance. We ensure that all our associates Road Haulage Contractor complies with the Customs Convention on International transport of goods under cover of TIR Removal in bond (RIB) or Removal in Transit (RIT)


Speed is essential for airfreight cargo and Emailed or pre-faxed documents ensure that our clients’ cargoes are cleared through Customs prior to their arrival. This is to avoid unnecessary delays and costs. We also offer consolidation services to all major destinations in a competitive rate by means of partnerships with all major reputable airlines. Our high skilled, service driven import and export personnel will monitor your consignment throughout the transport chain; from collections to customs procedures and delivery to end-user.


Y2K Customs Consultant brings a fresh and innovative approach to consultancy services in all aspects of Clearing and Forwarding industry. We are very happy to provide Consultancy services to any person or company even if they are not using our Clearing and Forwarding services. We offer diversity of consultancy services including:

(a) Shipping system and cost analysis This entails a full assessment of your current Shipping system and provides remedy if any gaps found. For example:

NOTE: On completion of the assessment, a full report is issued detailing deficiencies and making recommendation to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

(b) Registration of Importers and Exporters. All Importers and Exporters in South Africa are required to be registered with SARS who allocate each Importer and Exporter with their own code These codes are required by Customs on submission of Customs Clearance. Y-2-K assists new importers and exporters in completion of their application forms and the submission thereof to South African Revenue Services – Customs & Excise.

(c) Import and Export Permit / Licenses Certain products are restricted by the Government and require permits to be issued before Import and Export can take place. Very high penalties are imposed on any product arriving at any customs place of entry (ports, airports or border post) in South Africa without the required permit being issued. Y2K assists importers & exporters in completing applications and we then submit the applications to Pretoria and liaise with the relevant controlling authority until finalized

(d) Customs Value Investigations Under certain circumstances, Customs & Excise may query values declared by Importers on which Customs duty is paid (Value for duty purposes) e.g. where supplier of the goods is commercially related to the importer in South Africa. Y2K assist in this regard by liaising on behalf of the importer with and submitting all documentation and other requirements.

(e) Rebate, Drawbacks and Refund of Customs Duties Y-2-K assists its clients on information about the benefit of rebates, drawback and refund of customs duties as legislated on customs and excise act. As well as negotiate and claim rebates on their behalf.

Many will agree with us that moving cargo around the world is one of the most complex affairs! We as Y2K Customs Consultants understand that our clients are looking for innovative and efficient methods of keeping their supply chain under control. Therefore we have dedicated to a unique set of operational value to allow our clients the peace of mind to concentrate on their core business and leaving supply chain under our control. The following are our Clearing and Forwarding services: